It sure sounds like we have no downtown for our campers, but we do believe in striking a balance! Because of the natural beauty of our surroundings, we’re committed to ensuring that campers have time to explore, hike, swim, lounge, and study.

We have a sizeable library for campers to check out materials, a media room where they can screen films and play music, a small garden for non-denominational worship, a lavender bush labyrinth if they want to just get meaningfully lost for a few hours, and a craft room.

It should be noted however that we do not allow campers to carry their smartphone/internet devices on them. We find that this inhibits relationships between campers, discourages immersion, and generally distracts campers from their environments. We understand how important it can be to check in, so we have a 1-hour/day allowance for personal device use. Personal devices are kept in lockers in the administrative offices, campers can check in, check their phones out, and return them within an hour once daily at their discretion.

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