My Drop Shopping Journey: Pros and Cons Explored

I’m back! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I was doing some research about drop shipping and whether it would be a good way for me to earn an income while avoiding the 9-5 grind that comes with many traditional jobs. Well, there are pros and cons to any […]

Our Philosophy

Beyond simply the cultural integration we promote at our camp, we do not tolerate any bullying, exclusivity, or judgement between campers. We think of our camp as a safe haven where every camper is free to be himself or herself and express that in however they see fit as long as it causes no harm […]


We feature meals all locally sourced. If your child has any dietary restrictions, our kitchen staff will be sure to ensure they can be met prior to your child’s arrival. We have included in your orientation packet a form titled DINING RESTRICTIONS specific for this reason. If we have any questions, our kitchen manager will […]


It sure sounds like we have no downtown for our campers, but we do believe in striking a balance! Because of the natural beauty of our surroundings, we’re committed to ensuring that campers have time to explore, hike, swim, lounge, and study. We have a sizeable library for campers to check out materials, a media […]

Natural Immersion

Ardeche is home to a great number of grand chestnut trees, thriving on the slopes of the mountains.  While the chestnut festivals aren’t until the fall, we encourage our campers to spend time in the groves! At the end of July, there’s a wild blueberry festival in which our campers have traditionally played a large […]

Cultural Immersion

Cultural immersion classes will be based around the culture of the region. The Ardeche region is a large producer of goats’ milk. The plateau host herds of goats, their milk is used in a variety of products. Picodon is a sweet and sharp cheese with a note of hazelnut and a hint of blue. Tommes […]

Language Training

No matter the language level of your child, we’ll be able to cultivate and encourage this continued skill. We understand that many of our campers live in Francophone countries and cities, and therefore could benefit from in-depth language courses while some may live in the United States or other non-Francophone areas and need the grammatical […]