Cultural Immersion

Cultural immersion classes will be based around the culture of the region.

The Ardeche region is a large producer of goats’ milk. The plateau host herds of goats, their milk is used in a variety of products. Picodon is a sweet and sharp cheese with a note of hazelnut and a hint of blue. Tommes is sweet and creamy, blending perfectly into a variety of dishes. There’s a flowery grey crust which should definitely be consumed by any true cheesemonger! And chevretons is a shorter maturing Picodon, a sweeter easier cheese. The goats’ milk is also used to make sweet creamy caramels and rich foaming soaps. We spend one day a week at a goat farm nearby the campsite where the owners teach the campers about tending to goats, milking goats, and cuddling the goats!


The campers tend to be pretty excited about their days with the goats – and they always return to camp smelly, exhausted, and giddy!


There are literally thousands of winemakers on the Ardeche land. Many of our campers are in their late teenage years, so we don’t necessarily want them drinking the wine, but for the sake of cultural integration, we have them spend a half day a week at a vineyard to see the process. This may include the occasional taste of wine, and we are proud to have the openness of culture and mind to allow this.


To that effect, your child is welcome to opt out of any cultural experiences he/she is not interested in or comfortable with.